Our top 5 Blogandbuysale Spring Wish List picks!

We've been lusting after the items on the Blog And Buy Sale's Spring Wish List since it was published. It's been very hard whittling them down, but here are our top 5 pieces. I could very well have had a top 20 though!

This beautifully vibrant cushion from Gaynor Trophies would look amazing on your sofa and brighten up any room. I love the bold horses pattern and the contrast of the piping with the vivid purple. Lovely! £24.


This table lamp from Peastyle would make a stylish addition to your desk. It would make me want to keep my desk tidy - a miracle! Very on trend and at £34.50, a great deal.


Anna Lindsten's 'A walk in the forest' tea towels are screen printed in Sweden. The blocky graphics are gorgeously quirky and bright. £12.


Alfred & Wilde's collaboration with Wolf & Moon has resulted in some beautiful geometric jewellery pieces. They were inspired by the platonic solids, a series of five solid shapes named after the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato. That's all very clever stuff indeed, all we know is that they're very pretty and we like! £28.

And finally, these grey graphic knitted pattern bedding sets from Room 39 are right up our street. How stylish & perfectly comfy do they look? From £24. 

To check out the rest of the list, visit: http://wishlist.blogandbuysale.com/