Hail all DIY-ers out there!

We've owned an Edwardian terrace house in a lovely suburb of Birmingham for nearly 3 years now. Our grand plans have been a lying in wait until budget and time allows. This was also delayed by an unforeseen urgently needed re-roofing of our loft which also doubles as my home studio.

It ended up being a larger job than we anticipated and resulted in ripping down the whole ceiling, waterproofing, heavily insulating, re boarding and re-plastering. It was worth it (insulation wise!) in the end - but alas, our budget for other jobs had been depleted. Also, once it was all finished and put back together, you didn't really know how much work we had done which was a little disheartening. 

We are also a couple that like to travel, and as much joy as I get from decorating the house, we tend to save up for trips away to city breaks or amazing destinations we've visited recently such as Cambodia and Oman. This again depletes savings for house projects. I'm not sure I'll ever be the kind of person who would prioritise a new carpet over a holiday!!

To tide us over, we are slowly taking on some smaller projects around the house and will be documenting them here as a little DIY diary. Our Edwardian house has a good few little projects we will be tackling over the coming year. We're going to be as hands on as possible - just the two of us, plus my Dad, who promises free labour once he's retired (poor Dad!!) and lots of expert advice.

Our (manageable?) to do list for 2017:

  • - Re-tile the Kitchen Walls
  • - Replace our horrible UPVC front door
  • - Restore the beautiful Stained Glass front door I've sourced from Ebay
  • - Install said beautiful Stained Glass door
  • - Strip the Fireplaces of Gloss paint and refinish
  • - Strip the staircase and repaint
  • - Create better under stairs storage
  • - Re-paint all rooms that are *still* magnolia from when we moved in
  • - Add Flower boxes to front garden and slate tiles

Our more ambitious longer term goals

  • - Replace roof on back of house
  • - Remove partition wall downstairs 
  • - Re Carpet all of upstairs
  • - Restore floorboards downstairs or install new flooring all downstairs
  • - Buy the Sofa of our Dreams
  • - Install a Wood Burner

So not much then! 

This would all be fine with a huge budget and a team of builders, but we are going truly DIY. We aren't that experienced but we are willing to learn on the job and with Dad in tow, we have a bit of guidance. Wish us luck!!